49000 Euro credit – starting at 426 Euro rate per month

With a larger purchase or a bill, your own money is often not enough. In order to be able to fulfill a wish nevertheless or to settle an important bill, helps a 49000 euro credit.

To apply for this, the searcher can choose different ways.

Freely usable 49000 Euro record – fast read

  • The house bank is not always the right contact for cheap credit
  • Compare current financing from the network, so as not to overpay
  • Use the offer for a personal condition check via the comparison
  • Apply – initially guaranteed without obligation – 49000 Euro for condition request

From the branch bank – 49000 euros credit

From the branch bank - 49000 euros credit

To accept the loan 49000 euros, the offer can be viewed by the house bank. Many have been customers of the bank for years. That can be an advantage. The bank can take a look at the computer.

So he quickly sees the revenue and expenses of the applicant. But for now an appointment with the bank must be agreed. This can take a few days, which many customers find annoying. Time often does not stay when open invoices are waiting. Another advantage, however, is that the customers are well known and often out of goodwill a € 49000 loan is awarded. But the first one is the credit bureau checked.

The creditworthiness must be given, without which otherwise no loan will give 49000 euros.

Advantages of an online loan

Advantages of an online loan

With a loan 49000 Euro, an online loan can be an advantage. The loan seeker does not need an appointment first. Everything goes through the computer in your own home. In addition, the customer does not have to commit to an offer.

He has the choice of countless loans. This selection is also an advantage. The credit institutions compete with each other. That brings the customer a cheap loan 49000 euros. He should always compare these loans he finds.

It is not always clear at first glance which provider has the best offer. To compare this loan 49000 Euro, a comparison portal can be used. This finds the loan seeker also on the Internet. Often it can also be helpful to search for reviews on the internet.

So he learns more about certain providers.

Simple comparison options on the Internet

Simple comparison options on the Internet

A loan of 49000 euros can be compared on the internet. These show as an example the following offers:

The monthly rate at the Bankcot is at a loan 49000 euros at 624.15 euros. The interest rates are at 1.95%. The loan must be paid off within 84 months, which equates to seven years. The barclaycard is also far ahead at 1.99%. The € 49,000 loan has a monthly loan of € 625. Another offer comes from Intrasavings bank. The customer must count on this offer with an effective annual interest rate of 2.20 percent.

The installment is € 635.21 for a maturity of 84 months. These loans are all offered with a free use.

The information may change depending on the term and purpose.

Persons can be completely excluded from borrowing

Persons can be completely excluded from borrowing

There are people who are completely excluded with a 49000 euro loan. These are first and foremost, which have no creditworthiness. Creditworthiness is important in a loan application. Anyone who fails here, even with collateral will not get credit.

The persons are mainly people who do not work. If they get unemployment benefits from the beginning instead of income. An income must always be attachable. By law, the unemployment benefit may not be seized because it is a social benefit.

Equally excluded are often workers who work on probation or have only a limited employment. The loan is often paid off in seven years so there is no guarantee that the loan will be paid off.

The workplace is still too uncertain. Only with a perpetual contract is a 49000 euro credit possible.

Collateral – what the customer has to bring with him

The 49,000 euro loan often requires security. For some, income will not be enough for security. Most people have to get along with a “normal” salary. Therefore, lenders often require other collateral.

There are different securities to choose from. The most popular security with banks is a guarantor. This can secure the credit with a regulated income. He takes over in case of default of the installments the debts of the borrower.

Other collateral is life insurance with a surrender value, seldom are vehicles. A car loses too much value as a new car in the first five years. But it would have to survive the long term of seven years and the amount of the loan. Therefore, banks tend not to offer this alternative.

Term life insurance can be taken out by most banks and savings banks. This causes costs that must not be forgotten.

Lender refuses to borrow – Auswege

Lender refuses to borrow - Auswege

If a lender denies a $ 49,000 loan, it will always have reasons. Either the lender does not have a good credit rating or he has no additional collateral. In order to still get the 49000 euro credit, it can be considered whether a personal loan can help. This is offered on the internet and can help to get the loan amount.

But before an application is made, such a loan can be compared. This should definitely be done, because the conditions are often different than a bank.

Customers who need to save money should never give up on a settlement. Only then can a loan be guaranteed, which can also be paid.

What must be considered in a personal loan?

What must be considered in a personal loan?


Although many personal loans are offered on the internet, but there is a lot to consider. The 49000 euro loan is awarded without credit bureau. With that, the lender already takes a risk. It lacks an important source of information as regards creditworthiness.

So he will be all the more careful that the basic requirements are met. The income must be so high that it is not only attachable, but also that the credit can be repaid. The account is being viewed. Thus, the lender also sees if there has been any wage seizure.

So it must be proven that the customer is solvent enough. Collateral can also be provided here, which will be reflected in the interest.

However, these can be much higher than with a bank. With collateral they sink.

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